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How We Develop Our Healthy Lunch Menu

October 11, 2018

At Sifted, we believe the best lunches are a blend of clean ingredients, innovation and excitement. We've designed over 120 menus in house and add to that every week. When designing each one, we rely on everyone from our chefs to our eaters to our city managers to deliver a delicious, healthy and fun lunch experience.

We stay up to date on what’s up and coming in the food scene when crafting our menus and find ways to incorporate what’s “trending” into lunches while also keeping our core values in mind. Though the flavors and themes may change, there are few things you can always expect from your Sifted lunch.


We consider where and how we’ll source all of the needed ingredients and try to align the menu with seasonality, mimicking what’s in season to ensure ultimate freshness. On top of serving flavors of the season, our chefs are also instrumental in bringing the local flavors of their Sifted city to everyone they serve too.


We want to make sure there’s something for everyone. From the office carnivore to the ultra health-focused to everyone in between, we want to make sure the menu serves everyone in the office in some capacity. That’s why we keep variety top of mind. We work to offer variation in cuisine types, protein options, produce selections and even the garnish! We also take dietary alternatives seriously. Every element must have a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and/or vegetarian option.


We pay careful attention to balance. We never want too much of any one thing on the menu, be it too much starch or too many yellow ingredients. Every element on the table should introduce something different to the menu.


Lunch should be enticing and exciting. We want to serve something you look forward to every day or every week. Our goal is to make sure every plate can look different based on the eater. We’ll always provide a few things off to the side to help you make your plate your own. Whether it’s vinaigrettes, salsas, aiolis, cheeses or dressings, your plate doesn't have to look like anyone else's in the office.

After considering these factors as well as logistical ones like how the menu items will be transported or whether eaters will hold their lunch — think tacos or sandwiches — or have a plate or bowl, our managing chefs design the ins and outs of the menu with the help of our Director of Culinary Innovation, Kim, who helps translate the menu to fit the unique differences between each kitchen.

Our chefs, city managers and community managers (our Sifted city teams) also meet with our director of culinary innovation weekly to review menu feedback and create the menu landscape for the upcoming weeks.

We see our partners as collaborators in the menu-designing process and love hearing from our eaters. So if you have a suggestion or feedback, we want to hear from you! Drop us a note at: hi@sifted.co