The Sifted team in a meeting


We are the experiential lunch provider for high-growth destination workplaces and exist to enhance the modern office. We are invested in fueling the mind + body of individuals and the collective culture of our clients’ teams.

Sifted’s lunch program is an extension of our clients, designed to influence employee loyalty and personal + corporate wellness.

We craft the most interactive lunch in town. We believe you should taste the story behind the food and enjoy food that makes your body feel good + makes your mind feel ready to take on the world.


The Sifted team
Jess Legge


When Jess Legge cofounded Sifted, she led branding and design. Today, she drives growth and strategy, setting our vision, anticipating our future needs, and uncovering new partnerships that elevate the client experience. Jess manages our financial plans allowing us to hire top chefs and source responsibly, all while delivering the best lunch service possible.

A graduate of Purdue University, she uses her experience and education to drive her team forward. Consistently growing goals and helping her team expand their perceived capabilities, Jess is a big thinker. She’s also a keen problem solver and the one you go to if you have a big idea but don’t know what to do with it.


Before launching Sifted, Kimberly specialized in building and turning around marketing, sales, and operations teams. She now runs our sales strategy and drives the client experience. Managing our multi-city teams, Kimberly encourages our staff to think big picture, train effectively, and continuously iterate.

She embodies the essence of what a client experience with Sifted is: friendly, warm, and attentive. Kimberly received a masters in business administration while on a full academic scholarship at Vanderbilt University. She’s committed to faithfully questioning assumptions and sharing the Sifted inclusive culture with both our teams and clients.
Kimberly Lexow

We believe in the power of food, in the importance of data, and the value of people. These aren’t trends. These are the principals that align our culture with that of the clients we serve. It's why everyone on staff at Sifted is an employee, why you can bring your whole self to the job each day, and why we're the best foodservice gig in town.



- We care about our team - 100% Paid Teladoc Medicine + Discounted Prescriptions

- We care about our team’s vehicles - We offer 100% Mileage Reimbursement & pay for car washes if anything happens during transport

- We take care of your wellbeing - We offer 24 hours, 3 days of PTO for all of our part-time team members

- Room to grow - Many of our hosts decide to take on advanced roles within our organization or go on to work for the companies they serve

- Free Lunch


- ​We care about our team - 100% paid health insurance as well as vision + dental insurance options

- We care about our team’s vehicles - We offer 100% mileage reimbursement & pay for car washes if anything happens during transport

- We care about your wellbeing - we offer Unlimited Vacation for all of our salaried employees and 2 weeks of vacation for all of our Full-Time Hourly team members

- Room to grow - Opportunities to take on advanced roles within our organization and learn with a fast-growing startup

- Free Lunch