A new employee being welcomed to the team with a handshake

Expectations have never been higher. Job candidates expect fresh, high quality food at work, now more than ever. According to Forbes, “More than half of Millennials said that a free lunch “would strongly influence their decision to accept a job offer.” Just look at the lists of the best places to work, food programs always show up. Provide great food and employees are more committed and spread the word, pumping up recruitment.
Employees connecting and engaging in work

When companies provide healthful and inclusive food programs, employee engagement increases. Deloitte Insights lists free food at work as a key engagement driver, and says, “These are no longer just “perks”; they are essential elements of making work fit into our lives.” Employees connect and bond in ways that only happen over a great meal. The lunch table strengthens company culture and increases cooperation and creativity. Name an engagement opportunities that happens as often and as easily.
Engaged workers

A Gallop study found that “engaged workers have bought into what the organization is about and are trying to make a difference. This is why they’re usually the most productive workers.” An onsite lunch program lets people make the most of their time. Hours are saved, productivity rises, great food happens, everyone wins.
A health and wellness teacher

Health and wellness are imperative to your employees, their families, and company success. People want healthy options, tough to get at the local restaurant. By providing access to high quality, fresh meals, your company meets that growing demand. Addressing health and wellness also leads to decreased insurance costs and fewer sick days. According to Gallop, you can see up to a 41% drop in absenteeism.