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Hold the phone. Are we practicing what we preach?

January 26, 2016

A healthful, balanced lunch that you actually pause for. A great idea, right?

We talk about it all the time. We experience it at our client’s offices.

But fact check: We weren’t living it. As a Sifted team, we would hustle in the morning to get lunch out and then start straight into dinner prep. Sometimes, we would scarf down some food mid-car drive or eat a weird combination of a power bar, fresh juice and a blueberry muffin.

When you realize you’re not living what you’re selling, it stings. So now, however imperfectly, we’re celebrating family meals regularly. After a lunch service goes out, one of the chefs whips up whatever he fancies and plates it for our small Sifted family. We sit on coolers or plastic stools in our cramped (and so very loved) office/closet space.

We’re starting to live what we encourage our clients to do. Stop and replenish. Usually we’re laughing about something Anthony, our lunch lead, said or talking about how adorable Robert’s (our managing chef) children are. Sometimes we’re still stressed out from a crazy lunch hour or our mind is preoccupied with our next meeting.

But we believe so much in the practice of taking a lunch that we’re learning to do it, even when it doesn’t feel like we have time. As a ritual, as a pause, it’s good for our team and it’s good for our souls.