Our communities inspire our giving. We starting out carting leftovers down an alley to a Nashville soup kitchen. Now we're fostering a national movement, serving thousands of meals each month to hungry people, giving back is central to who we are. We believe that when our communities are well fed, we're all made better.
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WE MAKE DELICIOUS FOOD FOR OUR CLIENTSSifted serves chef-made lunches to high-growth companies in their offices daily or weekly. Using behavioral science, consumption forecasts, and smart menuing, we portion down to the ounce to limit waste at the source.
THEY FUEL UP AND GET BACK TO WORKBut, leftovers happen...
OUR HOSTS PACK UP PERFECTLY EDIBLE LEFTOVERSWhen there are leftover lunches, Sifted weighs and packages leftovers to be delivered to service organizations in each city we serve.
WE DELIVER TO OUR LOGISTICS PARTNER COPIACopia’s technology allows Sifted to safely and efficiently deliver 100% of its uneaten food to nearby nonprofits in need from any location. Sifted’s national presence provides coast-to-coast impact. The first ever national caterer to make this happen.
LOCAL NONPROFITS GET DELICIOUS MEALSSifted's donations make their way to a nearby nonprofit who needs that exact type and amount of food.
HUNGRY PEOPLE GET GREAT MEALS WITH DIGNITYSifted’s meals will reach a diverse range of nonprofits serving the unique needs of local communities. For example, in Denver, food insecurity among low-income families is rising. Sifted’s donations will reach Sun Valley Youth Center, which provides access to meals for youth who face significant challenges acquiring healthy food options.