Technology driven food Programs

Reducing the administrative burden of managing a lunch program through smart technology and industry-leading customer service
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Headcount ManagementStaff can easily opt-in and out of lunch based on their work schedule. This flows directly to our production kitchen.
Staff share dietary preferences and allergens directly with ChefsStaff enter their eating preferences in their Eater Portal. This info flows to our chefs and ensures spot-on portioning calibrated in the background.
See menus and ingredient listsStaff can see menus scheduled in advance. Plan their meetings around their favorite lunches or plan to snag a grab n’ go meal to take to their meeting.
Direct to chef feedback No more surveys or overhearing feedback in the elevator, staff can easily share feedback on the menu everyday. This feedback flows to our operations and culinary tema and informs which menus are served.



Behind the scenes, we’re gathering data and utilizing advanced modeling to create smarter, more efficient, and intuitive services for you.

Built on 9 years of experience, Sifted’s proprietary culinary operating system (COS) centralizes staff allergen and dietary preferences, menu management, procurement, production and delivery of lunches to drive lunch effectiveness, efficiency, and ensure home-run lunch programs.

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