At Sifted, observing our environmental impact is rooted in everything we do. We work to minimize food waste at every turn, to eat mindfully, and to appreciate all those involved in growing and preparing our food. We believe every day is earth day, and we’re happy to share our journey with each of you.

- Jess + Kimberly // Sifted Co-Founders
30-40% of the food supply in the U.S. is wasted.

At Sifted, we avoid this through our pledge to operate at Zero Food Waste in all of our markets. Each city works closely with our waste processing partners and Sifted operations to keep this commitment.


WE REDUCE CONSUMPTIONWe only order exactly what we need through data-driven menu planning.
WE BUY LOCAL AND IN SEASON PRODUCEWhen it makes sense, we source local ingredients. We know tomatoes taste their best with the heat of Summer, but also understand that everyone expects to see tomatoes at the greens bar. So you’ll see tomatoes on our menus year round, but you’ll have even better tomatoes in the Summer!
WE COMPOSTWe compost all food scraps and leftovers unsuitable for donation. We work with various composting services in each of our markets such as Compost Now in Atlanta, Compost Nashville in Nashville, Break It Down in Austin, Alpine Waste in Denver and Boulder, and Cedar Grove in Seattle and Phoenix.
WE DONATE LEFTOVERSWe collect leftovers on behalf of clients and donate through Copia.