The New
Office Lunch


Not Your Typical Lunch Delivery

Sifted is rethinking the office lunch. Instead of take-out from restaurants or boxed lunches from a corporate caterer, Sifted delivers a hyper-personalized lunch experience that satisfies every eater.

Working with Sifted means that your food is made by our chefs in our kitchen this morning. It means that the inclusive culture you claim is lived out at your lunch table. Every single person will be served a lunch that fits their food lifestyle.


Your team will love you

Your calendar will thank you. A Sifted lunch program is the perk you've been wanting and the time-saving solution you've been searching for. 

Just as you empower your community to do their best work, we want to free you up to do your best work. Our lunches give your eaters a voice, administrators a break and companies a perk worth bragging about/sharing/keeping.


Adventurous food prepared by a team of local chefs


Professional + engaging staff create memorable experiences


Personal account management + real-time feedback 


Responsible + thoughtfully sourced raw ingredients 


Data-driven lunches mean the right portions always


A single vendor removes the burden of ordering