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Why Safety and Security Matters At Lunch

April 10, 2017

We work relentlessly to create an experience for our clients that feels like magic. But, when you pull back the curtain behind our creative lunches, ninja hosts and never-hassle service, there are carefully calculated practices at work – ones that put our clients’ people first.

Before founding Sifted, we worked in a high-growth health software company, where security was everything. And our food vendors made it hard to trust them. There was a new face with every delivery, a carelessness for our office, little nutritional information and no modifications for vegetarians or gluten-free eaters. Worst of all, no one was accountable for the errors that seemed to always emerge.

At Sifted, our lunch programs are designed for brands that value and protect their people, their data and their ideas. That’s why, today, we’re welcomed in the offices of credit-card processors, EMR managers and high-volume e-commerce retailers.

Dedicated account manager + in-house hosts

The last thing you need to worry about at lunch is compromised data or negligent personnel. When companies order from restaurant brokers or traditional corporate caterers, they are often faced with a disorganized stream of unfamiliar faces coming in and out of the office.

Instead, we take every opportunity to be highly personal. Each client is matched with a single account manager and a select team of hosts, who have been carefully vetted and intensely trained.

Our practices include a non-disclosure agreement that covers all clients, a month-long training program with a focus on confidentiality and office etiquette, food safety certification and dietary restriction education. Because our relationships with clients are ongoing, we are able to pair clients with hosts they’ll see again and again. These hosts operate with a goal to be invisible, helpful and leave the office looking like we were never there.

We have a respect for your team’s privacy and time. That’s why we limit our communication with our clients’ teams to a single avenue that’s secure, free, convenient and direct. Nobody receives emails they didn’t sign up for and everyone knows where to go to share feedback.

The mindfulness behind the food

Sifted works with companies who care to know the values of their vendors. When it comes to selecting a food partner, knowing what questions to ask is key.

Who makes the food? Where is it made? How is it transported? Where is the food sourced from?

At Sifted, we look for classically-trained local chefs who have made a direct impact on the city’s food scene, and then we bring them in-house. Our democratic kitchens operate in commercially-certified spaces in close proximity to our clients, and all of our chefs, line cooks, dishwashers and hosts have been trained and tested on food safety standards. Every lunch element is temperature checked three times before leaving the kitchen. All food items are transported in commercial-grade insulated hot boxes which keep the food at the appropriate temperature for four hours.

Each day’s lunch is different than the last, which ensures that we use the freshest ingredients, whenever possible, sourced from your local farmers’ market. We dream up menus based on client data, ongoing feedback, food trends and seasonal produce. Our chefs enjoy continual immersive education as we seek to create menus that delight all types of eaters and are given the creative space, freedom and time off to imagine your next favorite lunch.

The diligence demonstrated in the kitchen is carried out to the end user. Eaters enjoy robust nutritional information on every element in every meal. Unlike restaurant brokers that source food from restaurants, we’ve been in control of the food from start to finish. This empowers us to stand behind our product and offer you the freshest, best quality foods lunchtime can offer.

Our values align with that of our fast-growing clients who understand the need for simplicity, security and safety at lunch. We’ll stop at nothing to create an experience that feels like magic but is backed by humans and hard work.