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Get to Know Our Atlanta Host – Krissy

September 13, 2016

Hosts are the heart of our team. They create experiences for our clients onsite by styling food + telling the story of our menu. Our hosts know our eaters’ habits so that everyone feels like an individual when they come to the lunch table.

Being friendly, inclusive + hardworking seems to come naturally to Krissy, one of our Atlanta hosts. She’s been with Sifted since June, and it’s no accident that she’s the resident host for some of our largest teams – Qgenda, Yik Yak + Salesloft. Krissy is at home in a fast-moving environment, where food + people are central.

World – it’s time you met Krissy.


She can make a mean Old Fashioned

When Krissy isn’t hosting with Sifted, she’s still crafting killer experiences as a bartender at Southbound, a farm-to-table restaurant in an old factory in Chamblee. Grab a seat at a bar, and ask her for an Old Fashioned or a Negorini.

Sifted’s veggie lunches are her jam

Krissy is a pescatarian – so she’s often grabbing a vegetarian option for lunch (Sifted makes dietary accommodations for all – like vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc.!). Her favorite lunch to date has been the citrus falafel w/ Mediterranean salad.

She’s flowed in India

Downward dog. Child’s pose. Cobra. On a SOLO backpacking trip all over India, Krissy practiced yoga in an ashram temple, journeyed to the Himalayas and Taj Mahal — making friends all along the way.

Currently on her playlist..


Ask her to do the sprinkler..

It’s her go-to dance move