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Food Language

May 24, 2018

Talking about food is far more complex than it’s “rich” or “too garlicky.” The food dictionary is diverse and robust — far more involved than simply calling something spicy, sour or seasoned. Food needs a language that speaks to your experience through all five of your sensory details. We’ve all had the experience of tasting or smelling something that blows our mind and when asked all we can say is it’s good. Food language turns “good” into “sapid.”

Not only is the language of food intricate, but for many of us, it’s foreign — a language we were never taught. But it’s absolutely necessary. A common language allows us to share the intricacies and nuances of our food experience with others.

Finding a common language is a challenge for any company with a wide range of people with different backgrounds. At Sifted, we’re a team of chefs, CPAs, cooks, operators, entrepreneurs and creatives. No matter our role, food is our topic.

Kim Tran, our director of Culinary Innovation, gave us a helpful tool that gives us — and will give you — a framework for evaluating and talking about food: T.A.S.T.E. This acronym highlights 5 ways of evaluating your meal that will enhance your overall experience.

T (Temperature)- Are items served at the appropriate temperature?

A (Appearance)- Does the food look appealing and how do the colors look as a whole menu?

S (Seasoning)- Does it taste good? Is it under- or over-seasoned?

T (Texture)- Is every element the texture it was intended?

E (Expectation)- Does what you taste match your expectation of the menu?

How Sifted uses T.A.S.T.E.

Every morning before lunch leaves the kitchen, every single member of our team tastes each element on that day’s menu. This moment is key. It’s what prepares us to answer your questions when we serve you lunch. Using T.A.S.T.E has allowed us to more deeply evaluate and articulate our experience with the food. It’s also how we communicate with the culinary team.

When eating and evaluating Sifted lunches or any food, use T.A.S.T.E. to fully appreciate and experience all your dish has to offer.