it's time to upgrade lunch


In 2015, we set out to change the office lunch experience. Short story is… we have.

Food brokers carry in restaurant food that’s loaded with hidden calories and leaves you in the dreaded food coma. Traditional catering companies don’t connect with company culture, struggle to meet the needs of special diets like vegans and vegetarians, and don’t prioritize nutrition.

Then came Sifted. Driven by data, tuned for performance, and optimized for freshness. Lunch will never be the same.
From setup to leftover donations, we take care of absolutely everything so you never lift a finger.

We even collect feedback to track eater satisfaction and a whole host of other useful data points to provide you with a comprehensive reporting dashboard so you know just how well your program is performing. Want more? Well we even take that feedback and use it to develop new menus and adjust our operations.

We're dedicated to your success and we want to be your total foodservice partner. Speaking of food...
An array of fruits and vegetables on a table.
REAL, RAW, WHOLEWe believe that an investment in high-quality ingredients is an investment in the health and happiness of your teams. That’s why we work with regional growers to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce in our lunch programs.
A handful of fresh vegetables
FRESH IS BESTFrom market to table, we don’t hold raw ingredients in our kitchen any longer than 72 hours - a practice that’s unheard of in the world of corporate catering. We do this because we know fresh is best. Everything is made in-house by our expert Chef team with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Three empanadas with a verde sauce drizzled on top
LUNCH SHOULD BE EXCITINGWe’re big on experimentation and taking risks. We try new things and push our culinary team. We don’t develop our menus in a vacuum. When you speak, we listen. We take feedback, and we iterate.
Employees eating lunch together
LUNCH SHOULD BE INCLUSIVEWhen crafting menus, our Chefs consider everyone on your team’s diet preferences. The quickest way to make someone feel excluded at lunch is to bring food they can’t eat. We’re here to make sure that your lunch hour gets 100% staff participation and increased employee engagement.
Two women working together on their computers
LUNCH SHOULD FUEL PERFORMANCELunch can crash your team productivity. Did you know optimizing your human capital with Sifted’s purpose-built corporate lunch program can increase productivity from 2-5pm? We’ve served more than a million meals and analyzed a lake of data. We know what spikes glucose and how to avoid melatonin-induced food comas.
Harvard Business Review Logo
NEED MORE PROOF? DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT...According to the Harvard Business Review, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon...The good news is that contrary to what many of us assume, the trick to eating right is not learning to resist temptation. It’s making healthy eating the easiest possible option.”
Just set up service, and your team will start getting nutritious, flavorful menus each day that fuel performance with fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared each day by our award-winning Chef teams. You can’t go wrong when we make it so easy to eat right!