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Vegan? Dairy-free? Our Founders’ Message To You

May 19, 2016

We remember being discouraged at company lunches time and time again.

Do they even know or care that I can’t eat anything that’s here?

The first way to make someone feel excluded at the table is to not have a lunch they can eat. As vegetarians, we’d opt for bringing our own lunch many times or go out to eat after the company celebration. We know what it’s like when being vegan/gluten-free/pork-free at work feels harder than it should be.

That’s why you’ll never find anyone at Sifted making it more difficult for you to be you.

We want to create the most personalized lunch you’ve ever enjoyed. We believe you should be eating food that makes your body feel great. We care that Sean eats onion-free. Adelaide prefers vegetarian.

We customize our menu to your office’s needs. Our chefs meticulously hand-prepare every single meal and create menus that are nutritious – no matter what dietary restrictions need to be met. For us, it’s not a burden, but rather an opportunity to be creative and personal.

And this creativity + care goes even further than the food itself.

Lunch in the office is often rushed, unhealthy + served on not-so-friendly styrofoam plates. We wanted to reimagine every aspect of the work lunch, down to the color of the napkins. Our lunches are well-styled on white butcher paper featuring the day’s menu and served family style. (Optimal for sharing and easy clean up!)

We mindfully use compostable fallen leaf plates and fully compostable forks and knives. The story of the food matters to us, so our hosts are always educated on the day’s menu so that you can appreciate the local tempeh or seasonal herb that the chefs used.

With vibrant ingredients, creative concoctions and environmentally-friendly utensils, a Sifted lunch (no matter cilantro-free, or vegan)  is worthy of an Instagram post, a Slack shoutout and (occasionally) that extra helping.