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The Experiential Lunch Program – How it Works

May 4, 2016

Sifted isn’t a restaurant. We’re not a food truck. We’re not a delivery service. We don’t fit well into categories or preconceptions.

Sifted creates experiential lunch programs for fast growing companies.

We come into the offices of startups and set up a daily or weekly lunch that brings the team together over whole, healthful, engaging food.

Startups love to treat their teams well. And many go to all lengths to make this happen. Ping-pong tables. Open floor spaces. Soda machines. Nap rooms. Company outings. It’s all exciting, and these perks meet needs of different groups within an office. But nothing brings people together like food does.

Great food is a universal perk. We know how complicated it can be to bring in an amazing lunch. Lost delivery driver. Soggy sandwich. No vegetarian entrees.

Sifted makes this easy. With our experiential lunch programs,

1) Clients choose a frequency (daily, weekly or somewhere in between)

2) We create a pop-up lunch experience in their office that reflects their brand

Our menu is new everyday, and each client is paired with an account manager to make sure every lunch hits the spot. Since we have our own team of chefs, our food is something you can’t get anywhere else. We understand that our clients have productive hours ahead of them, so we curate meals that energize. Since we serve our clients on a recurring basis, we get to know your staff. We remember that Beck doesn’t like cilantro and that Leith is a vegan. We personalize the details. We show up. We worry about lunch.