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See You at Venture Atlanta

September 27, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that Sifted has been selected as a Venture Atlanta 2016 presenting company.

Venture Atlanta, taking place November 2-3 at College Hall of Fame in Atlanta, is the South’s premier event for connecting innovation with capital.

For us, it’s a chance to talk Sifted and share what we’re all about it. It’s an opportunity to unpack the trend that’s here to stay: lunch as a perk.

After opening Sifted in two cities and working with brands like Lyft, Eventbrite, Warby Parker and Yik Yak, we’ve become certain that the future of companies is people-centric perks. And we’re dedicated to simplifying the perk that everyone loves- lunch.

We’re ready to grow Sifted beyond where we are now, and we’re looking forward to unfolding our plans to do so. The best part is that we’re sharing this experience with 31 other companies. Out of the awesome lineup, we happen to be the only female-led brand in the bunch, so you know we’re super stoked to bring it!

Since moving to Atlanta, we’ve known that this conference takes the cake, and we made it a goal to become a part of it. That’s what we love most about this adventure: the challenge. We’re already practicing our presentation and know this will be an experience that sharpens us personally and builds our brand. We have so much to learn from our mentors and from the other companies presenting. It’s safe to say we’ve already been taking notes from our friends and fellow presenters at HireWire, Storj, Groundfloor and Terminus.

Follow along our journey by visiting our Instagram and Twitter @siftedco and come say “hi” at Venture Atlanta.