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How Austin Inspires Sifted Chef Christopher Wilson

November 1, 2016

Christopher Wilson defines what it means to be a modern, southern chef. He’s talented, forward-thinking, and passionate about working with local farms to bring exceptional flavors to taste buds across Central Texas. He’s helping to redefine lunch with Sifted. He’s making food with an Austin flare – conscientious, authentic, and experiential.

Says Wilson, “Austin is home. Being situated right in the heart of Texas provides so much possibility and bounty.  Farms, ranches, dairies, you name it.  From a culinary perspective, it’s spectacular.  There are so many different cuisines and visions and experiences to be had. You can’t get bored eating in Austin.”

The Texas talent, who has lived in Austin for more than 30 years, shares some of his favorite things about his hometown and why he’s passionate about crafting stories through cuisine.  What places in Austin inspire you?

All of the amazing restaurants (like Emmer and Rye, Barley Swine, Apis, etc.) keep me curious, hungry and always moving forward.

Museums like the Blanton Museum of Art and events like the East Austin Studio Tour keep me visually stimulated, and the diversity, variety, and regularity of live music keep me moving.

Why do you love the art and science of crafting delicious food?

A meal can be so much more than just a ‘chore’ or plain old sustenance. Providing a memorable, sensual experience through food can appeal to people on so many different levels. It’s a responsibility and an honor to feed people from your soul.

Where do you like to get quality ingredients?

We’re really lucky in Austin to have a tremendous amount of farmer’s markets that really explore the varied, passionate farmers and ranchers that we have here in Central Texas.  Those and Wheatsville Food Coop.

Where are a few of your favorite places to eat in Austin ?

For good grub:

  1. Swad – an Indian vegetarian restaurant;
  2. Emmer and Rye – farm-to-table served as American dim sum;
  3. Las Cazuelas – a great spot for authentic Mexican;
  4. Barley Swine – an Austin staple for meals sourced from local ranchers and farmers;
  5. Ken’s Donuts – an old school doughnut shop near UT campus.