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Confession: We Have Control Issues

January 4, 2017

Nobody wants to be responsible for your lunch. Except for Sifted.

We’ve all been there: burned by restaurant brokers. You order. They pick up. They drop off. You’re left questioning. Where’s my side? How come it’s so cold? Wait – they charged me too much!

Take this x 1000 and you have the modern version of corporate catering. Restaurant brokers across the country have turned their focus to companies. Instead of serving dinner to two at their house, they’re trying to serve 250 hungry staff at the office, everyday. This model doesn’t scale, it was never going to. The system breaks down because no one owns the process from start to finish, breeding a perfect storm for a culture of less-than-perfect.

That’s why we take a different approach.

We have our own in-house culinary team because we don’t trust anyone else with your food.

And this philosophy is why people are willing to get on a waiting list with us. Because we’re ninjas when it comes to quality, taste, freshness and service. And we’re workhorses when it comes to menu creation, nutritional development, delivery, set up, labeling, breakdown, clean-up, adjusting portion size, accommodating all dietary restrictions, incorporating seasonal ingredients, and making things right when we make mistakes. This is what it looks like to own the process from start to finish.

Companies often sign a contract with us without ever having tasted the food. And this is why: our obsession with accountability. By eliminating third-party vendors, we make ourselves answerable to only you. In the same way that you carefully select who you outsource your branding, website development or bookkeeping to, it makes sense to choose a food partner that is a pro in the field, and not themselves outsourcing to restaurants. Our in-house design makes us responsible for every detail of your “lunch as a perk” program. This dedication to excellent customer service, tech-reliance and recurring revenue stems from our experience in the tech world.

We believe fully-managed is best. With ongoing contracts, we have the opportunity to learn your team’s eating habits. No one on your team has to worry about collecting dietary restrictions or orders. We do this and more, providing an environment where your team has direct access to us and the comfortability to speak their minds. Because Sifted is hyper-local, your account manager will be a face you see regularly, not a mysterious voice you’ve never met.

With a real-time feedback system, individuals can share positive and negative reviews of the food and know the chef is personally reading each comment. This prevents someone on your team from becoming a dumping grounds for feedback and ensures that every voice is heard.

The menus themselves are data-driven because we pay attention to the season, your team’s preferences, the hottest food trends. We’ve perfected each dish so that it is the ideal balance of boldness and simplicity. Our team of local culinary geniuses has identified elements of personalization in every meal so that you can decide the amount of guacamole and hot sauce you like on your tacos or the portion size of today’s spiced sweet potatoes. Clients’ favorite day of the week is Thursday because that’s when next week’s menu drops, and the anticipation for what kind of burgers we’re dreaming up or our newest power salad is always building.

Why stray from the convenient sandwich chain?

Because with Sifted, you’ll be the boss. You’ll have maximum control, uncommon personalization and a 60+ person team at your service. And we’ll feel good about our work because our model forces us to be transparent, honest and create food so amazing, we can’t stop sharing.