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Breakfast guide

February 28, 2018

Breakfast is that meal you had high hopes for the night before. It’s always, “Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to drop into the corner coffee shop or make a hearty skillet in the kitchen.” More often than not, the morning turns into a drag, supplemented by coffee and munching on whatever’s available. If you’re like us, you just need a little motivation and some fresh inspiration to get you back on the healthful breakfast train. We’ve scoured our go-to resources for some breakfast items that will certainly get you excited for the day, while packing in some nutrients to help you make it to the next Sifted lunch.

Peanut Butter + Jelly Bread

Laura Lea Balanced

Why we love this:

  • Make ahead on a Sunday afternoon and munch on it all week.
  • It’s grain-free.
  • A fun balance of sweet + savory and a familiar combination.
  • Build-able. You can add fruit, yogurt, more nut butter (see YumButter below!), coconut flakes, chocolate chips.


Why we love these:

  • The ingredients are legit! You can tell by the expiration date (within the year) and the short ingredient list, that your morning breakfast (or afternoon snack) has nothing to hide. With each bar, you’re getting numerous egg whites, nuts and dates.
  • Some are Whole 30 approved, which is hard to come by in protein bars.
  • Chewy, but not grainy or sugary.
  • Buy a bulk pack and make it your on-the-go breakfast or afternoon option.
  • Highly recommended: coconut chocolate; maple sea salt; peanut butter.

YumButter On Anything

Why we love this:

  • The offerings on YumButter go beyond your average peanut butter (think sunflower, espresso peanut butter and cashew) -- and without all those hidden add-ins.
  • This sustainably sourced and inventive nut butter company is also socially conscious, feeding over 150,000 malnourished children.
  • Try it on fruit, in a smoothie, in oatmeal, on a sweet potato or on a slice of bread.

Cauliflower + mint smoothie bowl

Lee From America

Why we love this:

  • This cauliflower mint smoothie bowl is not your typical banana + strawberry swirl, but it still boasts a pretty short ingredient list.
  • The recipe suggests hemp milk to keep in line with its effort to avoid inflammatory foods, but you could use whatever milk or sweeteners you prefer.
  • With smoothie bowls in general, you can freeze things ahead (think avocado, banana, fruits, etc.).
  • Most days eating a head of cauliflower or raw spinach doesn’t sound appealing, but with smoothies you can mask bitter flavors with the cool and refreshing texture and simple fruits and herbs.