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5 Tips for Staying Grounded at Work

September 19, 2016

We all love to call BS on workplace martyrs. Sitting at your desk for 8+ hours straight, rushing lunch and keeping your head down aren’t the measures of productivity – and we know that.

But, while we trash talk the “old, rigid” norms, we too find ourselves staring at a screen all day + eating lunch at our desks. Without pressure to do so, we create our own unproductive habits.

Combat unhealthy workplace norms by getting your mind right. Remember – you own your day. You have the capacity to switch things up, form new health habits and do the little things that can help you grow personally at work.

The pressure to perform is off. Growth begins with small, simple changes like these:

Move with a friend
We’ve visited so many awesome office sites with nature walks + bridges (think Yik Yak). We’re also a fan of mid-city work environments where a 15 minute stroll is bustling, noisy and energizing (hello Warby Paker). Short walks with colleagues are a great time to talk through ideas and stay motivated together. Even if you only have 10 minutes, that small amount of time has been shown to increase concentration and BDNF, a key protein in brain elasticity.

Take a note from a plant
Plant’s live and die off of sunlight. We do too. The coolest thing about Vitamin D is that our bodies can produce the vitamin after absorbing natural light. Maybe take that snack outside or make that phone call on the patio. Yes, you’ll feel happier afterwords – that’s that serotonin kicking in.

Make water a game
The amount of water a human is supposed to intake a day can feel like you’re trying to drink an ocean, so turn it into a challenge. Make it a goal to drink 8 glasses of water at work and write it on your whiteboard or get this awesome notepad to help you keep track.

Respect the lunch hour
The lunch hour is the built-in recharge time, but few take advantage of it. It’s the one hour of day you should feel no guilt taking a step back. If you do maximize the lunch hour, you’re giving your mind and body the time to refuel, allowing yourself to de-stress and take on the afternoon. Evaluate what you’re eating. Are you someone that works better after a lighter lunch or heavier meal? What foods keep you energized to work in the afternoon? Are you exchanging processed foods for whole fruits and vegetables?

Get back to the basics
Eyestrain is real. Headaches are real. Paper is your friend. Computer screens are too small for your ideas, and sometimes you just need a white blank page. Brainstorm your projects off of the computer by writing, drawing, sketching, editing and most importantly – doodling. Yes, doodling is good for memory, focus and exploring new concepts. Our office walls speak for themselves. They are covered in post-its because it’s our system for charting our growth and formulating new ideas. Find what works for you – and give your brain a break from the computer.

What are your ideas for getting your mind right at work?