Sifted's lunch club

Locally-made, chef crafted lunches for home or office

Give your staff access to a chef-made lunch subscription service for home or office. With flexible plans and the option for contactless pick-up or doorstep delivery, Sited is making it possible to share a meal despite the distance. Join the club. 


• Your company signs up for a month-to-month plan giving your staff the option to order lunch at a discounted rate. You select either the contactless pick-up option or doorstep delivery for your staff.  You decide if you want to cover any part of the cost of staff lunches. 

• Your staff are invited to the website where they will select Omnivore, Vegetarian or Flexitarian track and how many lunches per week. 

• Lunches are either picked up or delivered twice per week, depending on your selection. 

• Encourage your staff to take time to pause and connect w/ each other over a shared meal. 


Locally-made, chef-crafted lunches are the easiest way to eat well and maintain your sanity

Member pricing means you get a $15 lunch for $12  + you choose between contactless pick-up or delivery 

Cancel or change your subscription at anytime

Member pricing extends to your entire household making it easy to feed and care for your family and roommates