Sifted. Uncensored.

Real Talk From Our Clients


Hear From the Planners

"Before Sifted, caterers didn't understand the uniqueness of serving the modern tech office. We're looking for simple, yet delicious food, personalization beyond choosing wheat or white + an overall experience that reflects our brand." - Office Manager

"They truly understand the needs of what this culinary perk should provide to employees in field offices that measure each service they receive against what is offered in their corporate headquarters in CA. "- Office Manager

"Hiring such a skillful and passionate team has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made for our company culture and well-being. The Sifted team took on the time-consuming task of coordinating lunch, alleviating me of challenging operational duties. This opened up new doors for my professional growth, allowing me to transition into a new and exciting role." - Operations + Wellness Associate

"Sifted is an incredible addition to our Austin office. We’ve always provided free catered lunches for all employees, but with Sifted our lunch break has measurably improved. Their delicious, healthy food and fun set-up has had a significant impact on both employee happiness and engagement." - Office Manager



Real Talk From Our Eaters

"At this point, I don't even care what it is. If Sifted made it, I'm eating it."

“People waiting for the new Sifted menu to drop like it’s a Kanye album.”

“Sifted lunch has given Tuesdays a purpose.”

“Today was boss.”

"That was awesome. Would love that cauli recipe."

"After today's lunch, I feel like I can take on the world."

"The brisket was so tender that it could make a grown man cry. And that grown man was me."