Be a Part of Sifted’s Next Chapter: Austin, Texas


We just spent the week in Austin, exploring Sifted’s next city. We spent several days at #ATXStartup week, met with some of the city’s raddest companies and sat down with some extraordinary culinary talent.

Austin will be our third city in two years, and like the two before it (Nashville + Atlanta), our team comes first.

We’re officially on the hunt for a city manager for Austin. Interested in joining in on the adventure or know a perfect fit? Here’s what makes a career with Sifted like no other.

1. We make mistakes

Our team is not afraid to experiment. We’re a food-tech business, and we’re the farthest thing from traditional. Sifted doesn’t set expectations that line up with conventional “kitchen wisdom” because we’re working to be a restaurant without walls and without waste.

For many of our team members, our concept melds their startup attitude, culinary fascination and interpersonal strengths – allowing them to be strategic and revolutionary, while also creative and personal. For those who march to their own beat and are willing to try every door until one opens, our culture of experimenting and evolving is the perfect test kitchen.

2. We love the city

We’re decidedly local. While our sights are set on becoming a national brand, our mindset will always be local. We believe there are unique partnership opportunities in every city, amazing hole-in-the-wall vendors to source from and diverse startup scenes to dive into. But these relationships only happen with Sifted leaders who love their city and have a vision for where the culture is headed. We want to be part of the fabric of what makes Nashville, Atlanta and Austin wonderful places to work.

3. We’re self-starters AND team players

Even as we add hundreds of miles between our offices, we work hard to never operate in silos. We’re moving quickly and always pursuing new projects to move the company forward, but we’re not driven by competition or fear. We ask others for help when we need it, speak up if we disagree and find solutions together when the answer isn’t so obvious.

4. We’re just getting started

Sifted is primed to expand to 10 cities within two years. We’re fortunate to work with brands like Square, Eventbrite, Yik Yak, Warby Parker and Lyft. And we’re ready to serve hundreds more that share a similar people-first mindset. Our goals are aggressive, and they’re only possible because of our team. That’s why we’re taking our time to find the right person to run Austin. Like our other managers, he or she must master ideas quickly, find simplicity in chaos and lead a team that’s restoring lunch to the lunch hour.

Jess LeggeAustin