A mural of the word Seattle
With over 500 tech-related companies + startups calling LA home, the silicon beach is where it's at. Surf, sand, and software giants like Snap, Google, and System1 make LA home to more than just Jerry Bruckheimer. [cue explosion as The Rock jumps from flaming skyscraper]

We pay homage to LA's incomparable food scene with fresh flavor that's right at home in your office.
Head Chef Ryan Moore

Head Chef Ryan Moore

The culinary team is led by Ryan Moore, Managing Chef. Ryan began his career 15 years ago in hotels + fine dining restaurants. He's lived around the world throughout the course of his culinary career, and recalls living in Leon, France where he learned French cuisine styles as his most memorable home.

Ryan is passionate about farm-to-table and sourcing local when it makes sense. He’s forward-thinking and passionate about creating an open culture on his team and welcoming creativity to menus. With a witty sense of humor and exceptional eye for local flavors, you will not want to miss out on meeting Chef Ryan and trying his food.



Delancey Street Foundation

Delancey Street Foundation
We are a community where people with nowhere to turn, turn their lives around. Delancey Street is the country's leading residential self-help organization for former substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom.

Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food
We are a reliable lifeline for people diagnosed with serious illnesses. We’re the trip to the store, the meal planner, the nutritional adviser, the cook, and the smiling face who delivers delicious, healthy meals to a person's home without fail.

LA Family Housing

Body of Christ Church
We have service providers from a variety of focuses ranging from mental health support to identification card provision. We serve a lunch and breakfast at every event and send participants home with services and resources geared toward assisting them along their journey to permanent supportive housing.