our catering includes

  • Chef-made lunch brought to you daily or weekly

  • Set your lunch schedule and leave the rest to us

  • Accommodations for all diets

  • Full service - We deliver, setup, clean up + take the trash w/ us

  • Always on-time delivery

  • Daily donations + composting

  • Dedicated accounts team to help with all of your needs

Better than restaurant catering

At Sifted, we focus on being a catering company, so catering awesome meals is #1 on our priority list. Our local team of chefs and hosts do more than deliver food. They create 100’s of unique menus using local ingredients to keep Sifted eaters from getting bored with their lunch. And our hosts set up lunch in your office like catering artists.

Sandwiches, Mexican, Indian, Thai, you name it, we’ve got it. Your company will love getting sifted. Let Sifted take over your companies catering needs and bring your team together with an inclusive lunch experience. Catering your companies lunch has never been easier. Just tell us about your lunch catering needs and we’ll get your lunch started ASAP!


Tell us about your companies catering needs and we’ll be in touch asap!

That was so good. I want to eat it every day for the rest of my life. I want the leftovers sprinkled on my grave when I die.
— Actual Sifted Eater

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