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Finding Romance in Work: 3 Ways to Engage Employees

There’s a honeymoon stage to every good thing, including a job. You’ve been a new hire before at some point, so you get it. When you start that job, you’re excited and ready to embed yourself in your work and new company. The honeymoon stage ends, inevitably, but that doesn’t mean work can’t be engaging long after the romance fades. Like every strong relationship, it’s about an evolving enjoyment and appreciation for where you are and who you’re with.

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Follow Your Gut: Why You Need Probiotics + Prebiotics

These days, trendy foods are simply trendy for their looks. More often than not, when you look closer at the hottest foods, you’ll find that there’s a health benefit associated to their rise in popularity (think smoothie bowls and  golden milk). Digestive health is a huge trend this year, and with the rise of kombucha, apple cider vinegar concoctions and more, the word “probiotic” has begun to make its way into our everyday health vocabulary. And so has prebiotic. We break down the difference between the two, why they’re important to include in your diet and the best foods to buy to up your intake.

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How We Develop Our Healthy Lunch Menu

At Sifted, we believe the best lunches are a blend of clean ingredients, innovation and excitement. We've designed over 120 menus in house and add to that every week. When designing each one, we rely on everyone from our chefs to our eaters to our city managers to deliver a delicious, healthy and fun lunch experience.

We stay up to date on what’s up and coming in the food scene when crafting our menus and find ways to incorporate what’s “trending” into lunches while also keeping our core values in mind. Though the flavors and themes may change, there are few things you can always expect from your Sifted lunch.

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