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Aceable's Lunch Program Fuels Their High Growth Culture

From the beginning, Aceable's founders believed that a strong company culture was important. At just 55 employees, the company implemented an employee lunch program to bring the team closer together and provide time to share ideas, conversations, and a great meal. Since then, Aceable has grown to more than 100 employees, and weekly lunches are still a favorite culture benefit among Aceable team members old and new.

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How Startups Can Keep Their Teams Swimming

Startups must understand what attracted talent to their company in the first place, and seek to find what aspects of the work environment are most meaningful to employees. The kind of talent you want to stick around doesn’t walk out the door because your conference tables aren’t as trendy as Facebook’s. It doesn’t walk out the door because you cut the company-branded t-shirt this year. But they will jet the second they feel undervalued.

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