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Sifted spotlight // Lori Barratt, City Manager of Nashville

Our team works nation-wide to make our clients’ lunch program the highlight of their week. We set goals and then double them. We’re reinventing corporate catering. We take an all-hands-on-deck mentality: our teams are constantly collaborating and learning from each other’s unique challenges, experiences, and strengths. In this series, we give you the dirty deets on the creative minds and extraordinary individuals behind the Sifted experience.

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Reducing Food Waste While Supporting Nashville

Our clients love our communities as much as their own teams. We feel the same way. With a new menu everyday, and people in and out of the office, leftovers happen. Really good leftovers happen. Reducing food waste and finding ways to take care of our city is important to us.  We’ve spent the last several months researching and trying out different solutions, and we’re glad to say we’re partnering with Nashville Rescue Mission.

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Building Your Own Community

Humans are by nature social creatures. We self-group around any number of social, political, religious, or entertainment-related areas of our lives. Baptists, Democrats, Video Gamers, Foodies, Left Handed Basket Weavers; at our core, we simply want to be with people who understand us. With the explosion of the internet, and our increasing move into digital relationships, that in-person connection is more important than ever before. If you haven’t found that connection yet yourself, then perhaps this article will help you take the steps needed to start your own community.

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