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Finding Romance in Work: 3 Ways to Engage Employees

There’s a honeymoon stage to every good thing, including a job. You’ve been a new hire before at some point, so you get it. When you start that job, you’re excited and ready to embed yourself in your work and new company. The honeymoon stage ends, inevitably, but that doesn’t mean work can’t be engaging long after the romance fades. Like every strong relationship, it’s about an evolving enjoyment and appreciation for where you are and who you’re with.

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The ROI of a Sifted Lunch Program

Companies brag about their perks. Bigger is better. Fewer rules means happier employees. Or so we’re led to believe. But what about the impact of the investment? Is the ping-pong table a reason people are signing their offer letters? Is the new renovation bringing the team more joy at work? Is the beer keg inspiring creativity and productivity?We like perks. But we love perks that can show us a return on the investment.

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How Startups Can Keep Their Teams Swimming

Startups must understand what attracted talent to their company in the first place, and seek to find what aspects of the work environment are most meaningful to employees. The kind of talent you want to stick around doesn’t walk out the door because your conference tables aren’t as trendy as Facebook’s. It doesn’t walk out the door because you cut the company-branded t-shirt this year. But they will jet the second they feel undervalued.

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