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Sweet Auburn Ave

In the past 4 years, Sifted has grown from a simple idea in the brains of Kimberly and Jess (our fearless leaders) into a national company, with 300+ employees serving lunch to companies all across the US.  We love each of our amazing cities, and today we want to highlight one in particular, Atlanta, specifically one street, Auburn Ave. Sifted HQ is lucky enough to call this street home.

After Sifted HQ’s recent office move, we found ourselves on Auburn Avenue in the middle of the Sweet Auburn Historic District, an area rich with history.

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Get to Know Our Atlanta Host – Krissy

Hosts are the heart of our team. They create experiences for our clients onsite by styling food + telling the story of our menu. Our hosts know our eaters’ habits so that everyone feels like an individual when they come to the lunch table.Being friendly, inclusive + hardworking seems to come naturally to Krissy, one of our Atlanta hosts.

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